Personal Loan From EON Bank Malaysia

Applying for any kind of loans from banks can be a scary experience. Even walking into a bank’s premise can be intimidating. However, this is not as daunting as a person may think, as most banks now offer great service and loan applications can be breezy and a educational experience.

EON Capital berhad or EON Bank for example is a Public Listed Company and exists on the main Board of Malaysia;s Stock Exchange since 23 December 2002. Eon Capital Berhad is the holding establishment of the EON Bank Group.

This bank is a licensed finance and banking Company in commission under the policies of Malaysia’s bank Negara under the requirements of the Banking and Financial Institutions Act of 1989. EON Bank is primarily affianced in the policies of an al-inclusive array of both traditional and Islamic banking services and products.

EON Bank offers many types of loans to its customer database, Some of the loans listed include the Super Easi 123 Home Loan, Super Easi 123 Flexi Home Loan, Super Easi Home Loan Fixed Deposit, Super Easi Non-Residential Loan, Super Easi Share Financing, Personal Loans, Higher Purchase and Overdraft facilities.

To apply for the Super Easi 123 Home Loan, the applicant is required to let the bank know of the house selection, visit one of their 135 branches and 18 nationwide retail centers and submit the requested documents.

For individuals who are employed, documents needed would include a valid identity card, latest 3 months pay slips, latest income tax returns which comprise Form B or Ea Form, Sale and Purchase Agreement or alternately any document stating title or Letter of Offer from the developer, last 3 months Savings or Current account statements and the latest EPF statement.

For persons who are self-employed, the documents needed are similar, with the exception of a Business Registration Form or valid Business Certification by the relevant authorities.

EON Bank offers competitive interest rates , high margin of financing, better flexibility in terms of a straightforward, no frills housing loan, a combination of housing loan and overdraft, a housing loan with flexible features which makes allowances for additional repayment and re-drawal of the additional repayments, longer tenure for up to 30 years till the age of 70, 3 attractive types of insurance coverage, capitalization of MRTA and/ or legal fees (whichever is the applicant’s preference), waiving of any processing fees, and a free standing instruction, meaning that no commission is charged on any standing instruction imposed for the monthly repayments from the EON Bank account.

If all documents are intact and valid, the loan process only takes a while to be approved. EON Bank strives to provide its customers with the best plans possible, and a professional and reliable staff to cater to each customers requirements and needs. If the goal is to purchase the house of one’s dream, EON Bank is a great place to start. Bank loan procedures have never been so easy before.